Youth For Peace Camp


What is Youth For Peace Camp?

An event to connect future agents of peace from all over the world. At Dompet Dhuafa, we believe that we can live peacefully and harmoniously as long as we have deeply understanding towards each other. By having this values, we would like to invite young people to join this program and become future agents of peace. The Camp will be held for seven days and you will not only gain knowledge from experts but also incredible experience. After the Camp, the best participants will be selected to get further mentorship, called Start Your Project!

Yo Meet Up!

Connect and talk about current issues

To solve peace issues in the world, you have to understand what is happening today. Therefore, we would like to invite young people to meet and discuss about current issues in the world.

Yo Meet Up! is a monthly event and designed to expand your networking as well as to give an update of current global issues. We would like to invite the alumni of the Camp to lead the discussion and bring new perspective. 

Start Your Project!

It's time for you to create a better world

After the camp, the participants will be able to run their social-impacted project in several countries. During the project, they will be online-mentored and advised by experts.