Women and Empowerment


Empowerment is one of the ways that can be done to help community groups towards a prosperous life. One of the community groups that can be empowered is women. Through community empowerment programs, the assistance provided to a community group can have a long and lasting impact

Women are an integral part of the social and community environment. As part of a community group, the role of women is needed as a collective development effort towards a prosperous community group. The position of women will improve when women are independent and able to control decisions related to their lives.

There are so many roles that can be filled by women because women have the same potential as men. Therefore, the essence of women's empowerment is to increase women's awareness so that they can develop their abilities and potential.

According to Zakiyah (2010), women's empowerment can be done through the following strategies:

  • Dismantling the myth of women as domestic helpers
  • Providing women with different skills
  • Providing the widest possible opportunity for women to receive or pursue the widest possible education.

Given the prevalence of inequality and patriarchal culture, empowerment should be a right that everyone has. A right that can be fully exercised without restriction or interference from anyone.