Empowerment is one of the ways that can be done to help community groups towards a prosperous life. One of the community groups that can be empowered is women. Through community empowerment programs, the assistance provided to a community group can have a long and lasting impact

Peace has become a big dream for everyone. The journey to achieve peace is our struggle together. Conflict is often unavoidable. Not a few people are stopped by challenges, but not a few are still moving.

Who here has seen Shree Naraya's 'Toilet' film? This romantic comedy genre film unexpectedly departs from social criticism of sanitation issues in India. It tells the story of married couple, but conflicts soon arose because there was no toilet in her husband's house so the news became famous and covered on Indian TV stations.

Peace is a condition in which a just and prosperous human life is achieved even though they have social, cultural, and religious differences. However, peace is often associated with conflicts or wars that occur between individuals, groups, or regions. Is peace only that? Let's explore the redefinition of peace.