What is Youth For Peace Union?

We are dedicated to connect future agents of peace

In the globalization era, the territories of countries has been blurry. Everyone can communicate easily to other countries without any burden. It causes some changes in the world, countries are not only focusing on national security but also human security. The issues has been shifted because of threats are not only subjected among countries but also individual security. For instance, terrorism, cyber crime, human trafficking, or people smuggling. Consequently, global community needs to collaborate to tackle this problem.

Youth, or well-known as millennial, can be seen as agents of peace. Their spirit can change as well as bring peace to the world. They were born and well-adapted to technology. We could say that they belong to the globalization era. They know how to utilize sophisticated technology and have extensive networking by using their social media. Therefore, youth, as agents of change and peace, could promote and build peace in the world.

What is our goal?

To Enhance the Role of Youth in Building Peace in the World

What are our objectives?

  • To raise awareness regarding the important role of youth in building peace
  • To create agents of peace in the world
  • To create youth-led activities to build harmony and maintain world peace